Bogg Bits- Fun Designs



Decorative 3″ disks adorned with designs to #beautifyyourbogg. Choose any of our fun designs to show your personality. Bogg® Bits fit in any of the holes in the Original, Baby and BYO Bogg® Bags. With lots of holes, have fun collecting Bogg® Bits to really show your style.

To install: simply push it through the hole anywhere you choose.

To remove: simply use your thumb to push it back through the hole.

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Avocado, BFF, Cactus, Crab, Football, Hot Pink Anchor, Margarita, Popsicle, Rainbow, Rubber Ducky, Softball, Starfish, Coffee, North Carolina(NC), Peach, Watermelon, Lemon Wedge, Navy Anchor, Soccer Ball, Nautical Rope, Mr.&Mrs.


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