Mellow Bath Bomb


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pleasantly bubbly

soak it up in your tub with our mellow bath bomb. soak up the amazing blend of lemon, lavender and orange essential oil blend, and breath in the sandalwood silk aroma.

At Bubbly Belle, we’re building a self-care company that will last forever. That means we’re making products so great and helping people in a way that they can’t help but tell their friends and family!

And so far that’s what happened. We’re sincerely grateful to all our loyal customers that have supported us through our first few years in business. We’ve seen your thousands of stories on social media, your 30,000 5 star reviews, and the thousands of you that subscribe to our products every month!

As a self care company, we’re all about ingredients first. That means we study ingredients and wouldn’t put anything in our products that we wouldn’t put on ourselves or family

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